Are you divinely discontent?

Talk to anyone with a job these days, and you’ll hear plenty of stories about people quitting… The up-and-coming software engineer who didn’t feel valued in her position, and left to work with a startup for half the pay. The nurse practitioner reached a breaking point after sleeping 4 hours a night for an entire…

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The Art of “Inform and Invite”

About Carri Adcock

I am so exited to share with you one of my favorite strategies to Make conscious decision Keep expectations in check Enjoy the ride We as humans are all about relationship and this tool has shifted the way that I ask others to join in. Please comment below – Where can you apply this in…

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Personal Responsibility

Photo of Carri Richard

It is my job to be personally responsible. And often to be honest … I don’t wanna!  Can you relate?  I want to make it the fault of someone or something else.  I want to make them or it the reason I don’t have to do what I KNOW is the next thing. The next…

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