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Welcome! Making space and enjoying the ride is all about using what you've got to live your greatest life. It begins with the courage to step back in this busy noisy world and putting the small, simple, repeatable habits in place that lead to living your best now. Here I share some of my favorite tips and tricks on what to implement and how to make them as painless as possible so that you can enjoy the ride!

The Art of Letting Go: Strategies for Navigating Life Transitions

By Carri Adcock | Feb 27, 2023 | Comments Off on The Art of Letting Go: Strategies for Navigating Life Transitions
The art of letting go

Change can be hard, especially as we grow. Need some strategies for navigating life transitions? Here’s how to get started (as pain free as possible).

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Are you running from or running to?

By Carri Adcock | Feb 6, 2023 | Comments Off on Are you running from or running to?

When it comes to making big decisions in your life, maybe the question isn’t what are you running from, but rather what are you running to?

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How do I prevent burnout?

By Carri Adcock | Jan 6, 2023 |

Your alarm rings. You wake up. Still tired. First thing? You check your phone. And right away, you see an endless stream of emails….texts…..and social media posts.  Phone in hand, you go to the bathroom. Then you eat your breakfast while bolting out the door. When you make it to work, you scarf down your lunch between…

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Are you divinely discontent?

By Carri Adcock | Dec 6, 2022 |

Talk to anyone with a job these days, and you’ll hear plenty of stories about people quitting… The up-and-coming software engineer who didn’t feel valued in her position, and left to work with a startup for half the pay. The nurse practitioner reached a breaking point after sleeping 4 hours a night for an entire…

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A small shift with a big impact – Peace in the Pause

By Carri Adcock | Jul 19, 2019 |

I love tools that are useful, simple, and apply in many situations. I find this happens when I learn something that shifts my perspective, something that is natural and THIS is one of those. I use this all the time. It is a practice. I’d like to say I remember to use it in all…

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The Art of “Inform and Invite”

By Carri Adcock | May 24, 2019 |
About Carri Adcock

I am so exited to share with you one of my favorite strategies to Make conscious decision Keep expectations in check Enjoy the ride We as humans are all about relationship and this tool has shifted the way that I ask others to join in. Please comment below – Where can you apply this in…

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Decisions – Are you Making Them? Are you Sure?

By Carri Adcock | May 10, 2019 |

Welcome to Friday talks. I’m super excited to begin this regular post. I’m learning more and more that when I choose consistent opportunities I learn and grow. I am passionate about learning how to Enjoy the Ride and make a contribution doing so and I’m excited to share what I’m learning and what comes from…

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By Carri Adcock | Apr 2, 2019 |

A beautiful soul departed today from this planet. It was a surprise. Within less than 24 hours everything changed … and he’s gone. A shock. And it has brought up the question Intellectually I ‘know’ it’s not for me to figure out…there is a greater plan in place … Why? And yet at the moment,…

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Giving Gives

By Carri Adcock | Feb 20, 2019 |

I got to turn another year older according to “the world” last week.  On my Birthday, I was nudged to give away what I love to do most: Shine a light on what is in another’s heart.  Bear witness to God’s Grace.  It came in the form of putting out there 5 free sessions to…

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Listen to your dad

By Carri Adcock | Sep 4, 2018 |

When I was young my dad knew everything. As I grew older and became a teenager, my dad knew nothing. It took me years — through growth, some pain, and ego-resizing to come to understand My dad is human. He is a smart, wonderful man who has amazing intentions, skills, fallibility, a huge heart, and…

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